The EAL Framework is entering its next phase. The version RTOs will be using from now is the 2019 EAL Framework. While many of the units since 2016 have stayed the same, there have also been significant changes in other units. And while the 2016 Framework was a document, the 2019 framework is a pdf.

The framework is a series of teachable units. Within each unit are between three and five elements, and coming off each element are between two and six performance criteria. The idea behind devising worksheets that would be mapped as closely as possible to these performance criteria was underpinned by an aim to get students as prepared as they could be for assessments. The writers of assessments closely examine the performance criteria and base their rubrics on them, so if there are also worksheets which students could become familiar with prior to doing the assessment, this strengthens the fairness element in the area of assessment.

I have been facilitating the learning of English for ten years. I’ve worked with migrants, refugees and with overseas students in certificated courses.

Liz Lipski
Grad. Dip. TESOL
BA (Writing)
Dip. Arts (Prof. Writing & Editing)