I’ve been teaching from the EAL Framework for a number of years and have recognised that it is made up of units which contain a number of elements. Of these elements come performance criteria, in which many of the words are bolded. Next, there’s the Required Knowledge & Skills section which is basically all the grammar that s to be covered for that unit. Then there is the Range Statement which gives further explanation of what those bolded words are referring to. And finally there is Evidence Guide which lists the least aspects of knowledge the student should have in order to pass this unit.

Occasionally, when I have been at a loss as what to do to fill a slot in my lesson planning, I go to the Required Knowledge and Skills section of the unit we are studying and look what grammar we need to cover while doing that unit and create a worksheet. For instance, just recently we have been doing a unit on transport, so I went to the R K & S part of VU22608 and decided we’d look at ”colloquial language related to transport.” From this, I created a matching exercise, did some vocabulary teaching, a concept check, a scanning exercise, a reading for detail exercise, and a spelling quiz,

The framework can be a bit of a goldmine.