What’s good about repetition?

If students hear something again and again chances are what they are hearing will eventually stick.

I ask my students to remember the time they learned to ride a bike. At first they will fall off or be unsteady, but the next time they get on the bike they will have a bit more confidence, and be a bit steadier. And if they try each day to get better and better, they will develop muscle memory. So to get good at something you need to repeat, repeat, repeat, which is known as practise, practise, practise.

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Praising vs Encouraging

Don’t praise but encourage your students.

Many students strive to be 100 % correct. But remind them learning is about making mistakes and learning from them. I still get students, after an exercise, admit to me rather sheepishly that they got 2 wrong, and the feel guilty about admitting that. I tell them over and over that that is OK and that making mistakes is a good thing. But many of my students are often from difficult backgrounds and simply want strokes which, you know, is also understandable.

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