How this website will help you

If you teach from the EAL Framework then the assessments you give your students may have been written by Stephen Pollard.

He will have examined closely the EAL Framework 2019. He will have started with a module or unit which looks like this: VU22603. He will have looked particularly at the elements of the unit, starting with element 1. Then he will have addressed each performance criteria. So, if he is looking to write an assessment for VU22603 he will have started with 1.1 (Element 1, performance criteria 1).

In developing worksheets and activity sheets for this website I, too, have looked closely at every performance criteria, just as assessment writers have done. And I have made sure I have devised worksheets and activity sheets for every performance criteria that I can.

So they are worksheets that are as close to the assessments that you can get. How fantastic for your students. Too often in assessments students have been suddenly faced with screens or pages and have no idea how to start. Just imagine how much easier it will be if you are able to prime your students with worksheets which are talking about the very same things the assessment is talking about?

At an average of $7.50 a month, a year’s subscription is a steal at $95.

Come on, give your students the advantage they deserve.