Resources galore!

I would like to hear from you about what you would like to see on a website that would help you as an English language teacher or trainer.

My favourite websites are (which is Canadian) and (which is British). offers complete lessons plus individual grammar worksheets. The only drawback with their lessons are that of course they have a North American flavour. was constructed by an Irish woman named Seonaid and contains (for teachers) masses of grammar worksheets.

I have asked a number of teachers/trainers what their favourite sites are. Most people I asked teach ELICOS students, and a few teach from the EAL Framework .

Among the answers are:
I had to click three times to find a worksheet on prepositions and even then there was nothing immediately downloadable.
After three clicks I still had not found a worksheet.
This caters for pre-school to high school and I kept clicking and clicking and not getting anywhere.
Searched with the word prepositions and got nothing.

Two teachers are Murphy aficionados. And you can’t go past those two Murphy books.
Probably one of the better ones.

And then there’s replete with blog – and the resources within the site are exactly what those teaching from the EAL Framework need to help prepare their students for assessments.

Happy clicking!